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Give Yourself the Gift of Peace, Wealth and Health

When you make the decision to accept the gifts given, there is much teaching and healing here. Honor yourself during this self paced process.
So, take your time, look around and join us when you can, and learn all there is to discover about 'you'. We look forward in guiding you on this beautiful journey. 

And by the way, your pets are welcome too! More about that in the words to follow.

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Wellness Virtual Assistant

We understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why we take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness from the comfort of your home.

Become Your Own Physician

Through meditation and discussion, we provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to heal your natural body naturally without pharmaceuticals. You 'can' reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine.    

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We are here to help you on a weekly basis to achieve your optimal wellness goals.

We are scheduled all during the week via group wellness calls. See calendar below.

A Soulful Journey

Igniting the Spark that Flames the Spirit....Naturally

The soul has a spirit and when the soul is not fulfilling its true potential, the light of the spirit begins to fade, our life force becomes stagnant and we become ill. Our belief systems become our new conditions in which we operate in.  We then feel stuck and we begin to ask the question " Is this all there is to my life? How did I get here and is there any possible way to living a better life? Allow us to open new doors  for you to walk through and brand new paths for you to walk down.

The Journey – Whether you are own your soul journey now and need a jump start or are about to embark on your spiritual journey, we are here to add the resources to guide you along. Your journey begins within

Methodology – Meditation is used as a form of prayer. Here we learn to connect to 'our' own source of energy. We have been gifted with the means to heal our selves on all levels. Even if you do not believe this, it is still our birth right that is stored within our DNA. You will learn the technique needed to tap into to this God given life force. 

Natural Healing  – We can assist you in regenerating and restoring your mind/body/spirit with natural practices of healthy meal preparations, medicinal herbs and oil applications, a gentle exercise regime and much, much more. 

Our Promise to You – It is our goal to inspire, support and assist you to live an abundant and authentic life.


Connect With Your Pets

Do We Make Our Animals Sick

You will be amazed to know that animals have a soul and are just as intelligent as humans!
We are united with our pets to teach one another lessons of navigating through life to show us how we are contributing to our health and happiness. 

Pets offer to us their unconditional love and mirror back to us certain aspects of ourselves in a telepathic communication of what is presently going on in our lives. It is my belief that if something is ailing our pets then it is something we are doing or not doing within our own personal lives to cause this up set. This is their way of loving us so much and taking on our 'stuff'.

We also work with pets in the after life. If your pet has past on leaving you with many unanswered questions, through guided meditation techniques you are able to connect again with your pet, obtain your answers and have an ongoing relationship with them if you choose.

Open yourself up to the many aspects of  the very ways in how we can help our pets to help us and vice versa.

It is a beautiful dance and a wonderful gift of owning a pet when we discover this miraculous tool.

Learn More

Tell us what concerns you have about your pet. We will direct you in the right direction as to the best way to proceed in getting the help and support that you need.

How can we help

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Join us in a collaborative effort to help ourselves and the world around us. Learn about meditation, pet communication, weight loss, energetic clearings of people, places and things, pain management and much more! Join us over the phone as well as in person.

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